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Pool Tiling


Your swimming pool is a sanctuary of relaxation. It is your oasis created for enjoyment and tranquillity. From calm morning walks to vibrant evening parties, pools provide a great place for friends and family. Due to this, there is a great need for swimming pools to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Our team in Adelaide Tiling & Waterproofing acknowledges the importance of these serene spots. We pride ourselves with years of expertise in pool design and craftsmanship. From simple renovation to complete redesign, we can help you build the swimming pool of your dreams.

Pool Patio

You pool patio takes up most of your visual attention. It is a space you often look at, and we know that you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive. You see this place every day, and you want it to be as perfect as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the optimal patio design fit for your tastes and preferences. We integrate comfort, efficiency, and usability in our installations to keep our customers satisfied. We aim to give you a pool patio suitable for personal, social, and family usage. Adelaide Tiling & Waterproofing looks forward in tiling your favourite resting spot.

Pool Designs

Our team provides excellent pool designs which would complement your home’s features. We take time in knowing our client’s desired outcome to give them the best service that we can offer. Adelaide Tiling & Waterproofing offers a wide range of colour and tile-pattern choices. We provide endless amounts of visual possibilities for your swimming pool. Flexibility is one of our many strengths, and we are confident in providing you with many customized designs. We also make use of fundamental visual concepts to bring out the best in your pool. We are happy to provide you with not just excellent but perfect designs.

Waterproofing Options

Aside from the beautiful aesthetics that we offer; we also ensure your safety through waterproofing services. Our team is dedicated to giving you safe and reliable pool spaces through advanced tools and techniques. Through the years, we have learned the art of dependable waterproofing. We guarantee safety for anyone who sets their foot on our tiles. We take extra caution in our methods, as we always aim to provide customers with peace of mind. Adelaide Tiling & Waterproofing takes pride in long-lasting waterproofed patios for you and your family.

Dedicated to Craftsmanship

We pair our intrinsic designs with equally exceptional craftsmanship. When we work, we consider time as a resource that we can’t afford to waste. Our team’s work ethics are unparalleled, and we always take our services seriously. We guarantee that your swimming pools would be finished quickly and correctly. Our efficiency equates to lower service costs. We are trained to work in the most effective way, and this helps lessen your expenses. Adelaide Tiling & Waterproofing acknowledges your pool tiling needs. Once we start working, we never stop until our clients are satisfied.

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