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Bathrooms are places of relaxation and peace. Thus, any homeowner desires a bathroom that is attractive, efficient, and pleasing to the senses. Despite this, many owners neglect considering essential design aspects in their bathroom projects. You should be knowledgeable of the major factors concerning bathroom design so that you’d be able to adopt it in your initial plans. 

Bathroom renovation photo completed in Adelaide with marble wall tiles

Significant Aspects and Factors to Consider 

Awareness of design principles is beneficial for any bathroom planning stage. An owner should know the advantages of employing lighting, harmony, as well as balance in design. 

Importance of Lighting 

Lighting shapes the way that we see the world. This principle is also applicable in bathrooms, as design amounts to nothing if no proper light is shed into it. To add, lighting also improves the overall look of tiles, especially those shiny and glossy ones. By the proper combination of tiles and lights, the resulting design can look very professional and elegant. 

The two types of lighting are human-made and natural. Both of these have their strengths and must be used accordingly. Human-made lightings such as bulbs, chandeliers, and lamps can produce a warm or cozy feeling for visitors. These types of light do well with neutral shades or monotonous colour and help in relaxation. On the other hand, natural light such as sunlight gives a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. These types of light go well with stone tiles and pebble tiles due to their organic nature. 

Harmony Using Tiles 

Tiles are potent elements in the bathroom area. These objects are best known for their capabilities in providing patterns and shapes to bland spaces. With proper tiling, harmony can be achieved as the tile patterns provide repetitions. The brain then recognizes these as a soothing feeling since continuity occurs. When installing tiles in the bathroom, or when putting tiles in walls, it is essential to consider the use of patterned tiles as it is advantageous in terms of aesthetics. Also, you can break harmony by using a unique design such as another colour of tiles. This way, the newly installed design will be highlighted. 

Balance in Design 

When it comes to designing, a proper balance should always be struck. This means that your place should not only be beautiful, but it must be sturdy as well. This is achieved through proper waterproofing techniques by your service provider. It is essential not to neglect tile protection as bathroom ideas Adelaide are useless if they deteriorate quickly. Additionally, better tile protection means that your tiles will serve you for a long time since there will be no need for further renovations and repairs. Always communicate with finding the correct balance of beauty and usability in your bathroom ideas, Adelaide.  

5 Astonishing Bathroom Styles 

The flawless bathroom design can be achieved through proper preparation and research. However, you should also take a look at several designs that are well-loved by many people around the world. Here are some insights that you can use for your bathroom ideas, Adelaide. 

Stone Tiling in Floors, Walls, and Ceiling 

Stone tiles can bring about a unique experience to anyone who enters your bathroom. This type of tile material is famous for its rocky finish, but they can be glossy and shiny as well. Examples of great stone tiles for the bathroom are granite, limestone, and marble. These elements are significant to look at, especially when installed in walls. A marble-tiled ceiling is also jaw-dropping when paired with a warm and big chandelier. This creates a sophisticated atmosphere for anyone who enters. Also, stone tiles go well with ceramics and porcelains such as pots, toilets, and sinks. 

Vanity Contrasts 

Having a vanity to access all your bathroom essentials easily is always a good idea. These zones in the bathroom can also provide flair in a previously flat design. If you want to make your vanity a centrepiece, a good suggestion is to install a contrasting tile colour in the walls so that your storage and mirror will pop out. For example, if you have walls with white tiles, make sure that your vanity is dark brown or dark blue. This causes excellent colour dissonance and the two complement each other. Also, putting flower vases or pots on the vanity is excellent so that your bathroom ideas Adelaide will have an organic touch. 

Beach Feels with Bluestone Tiles 

A great theme used by many designers and owners around the world is coastal or beach themes. Well, you can’t blame them for using this bathroom ideas Adelaide since it brings out relaxation and rejuvenation to the maximum levels. By using certain elements such as blue coloured tiles as well as sand themed ones, a fantastic beach concept can be achieved. Bluestone and horned bluestone tiles are suitable for this type of project as the shades match the sea. By adding beach elements such as sea paintings or artificial starfishes and corals, your guests will surely feel the breeze of the coasts while using your bathroom. 

Going Ham with Patterns 
Bathroom design photo completed by our bathroom professionals in Adelaide with pattern wall tiles

Patterns are the best ways to create continuity in design. Many people are curious, and they ask “what are tiling patterns?” Well, the answer is easy. Tiling patterns are the repetitive types that occur when tiles are set together. Some geometrical variations and patterns are based on shapes. Famous ones include hexagon tiles, triangle tiles, and even pentagon tiles. Overall, you can modify a wall’s beauty by using lines and streaks that are brought by tiles. This one can be considered as one of those fantastic bathroom ideas Adelaide due to the wonders that it brings. 

Final Design Thoughts 

Now that you know all the essential factors to consider, as well as some bathroom ideas Adelaide, it is sure that you have a design in mind. To materialize your dream design into reality, a great team is needed: one that can satisfy your requests and do the job efficiently. For any tiling and waterproofing concern, call us since we will be happy to serve you. 

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